Tutoring for Success Math breaks down complex math concepts into manageable pieces. Students master one piece at a time with the help of step-by-step instruction, building a solid foundation upon which each subsequent unit is built. This combination of specific skill instruction and ongoing assessment is the key to shaping, enriching, and maintaining math proficiency for students of all ability levels.

What is a Tutoring for Success Math Session Like?         

Computational Fluency

Students master basic operations (+, -, ×, ÷) in a timed setting.
Tutors offer strategies for mastering these operations,
including mnemonic devices, auditory and visual instruction,
and storytelling

Concept Building

After a brief assessment to determine their level of understanding of

certain concepts, students are guided through step-by-step instruction.
Tutors scaffold their instruction, tapering their teaching gradually,
until students achieve independent mastery of the concept.

Homework Support

Every session includes an opportunity to ask questions, review assignments,

and complete lessons that coincide with the homework from school.


Subjects of Focus