Academic Coaching

A student’s world expects a careful balance of extra-curricular activities and/or sports team practices in addition to the academic pressures already present. Keeping up with these responsibilities can be hard and stressful for a child or teen. With an academic coach, a student can learn skills and how to balance their work. Fixing their outlook is the holistic way to achieve success. This is what an academic coach can achieve.


Here are some responsibilities of an academic coach

Monitor homework completion and quality. 
Students may be more receptive to professionals than their parents about the importance of completing their homework.

Teach core “Success Skills”: time management, organizational skills, goal-setting, and study skills. 
These skills allow students to create the right environment and mindset to efficiently balance their activities and improve their focus and motivation. It includes learning how to prioritize and use time productively, organizing physical supplies and mental ideas, and finding the best study techniques that work for the student. A coach can help a student realize that doing well on a test and developing proper academic skills are both a short term and a long term goal for success.

Provide focus, encouragement, motivation, and confidence. 
Sometimes a student just needs someone to help them focus and remind them of the bigger picture – the reason why they are putting their effort into their academics. Having someone to believe in you or find reasons to keep going can be incredibly helpful.

Expect you to do your best and better everyday. 

Provide a system for rewards. 
Developing these skills and working efficiently leaves more time for fun, family time, and sleep. Who doesn’t want that?.

Reduce stress. 
Many times stress comes from disorganization, misunderstanding, and poor balance of activities/expectations. A coach helps you work on all of these things to eliminate these stresses from a student’s life.

Help balance academic and personal life to find success. 

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