Dear Parents,

To our delight, we would like to inform you of the recent changes that have occurred at Tutoring for Success.  Currently, our facility has undergone a brand-new renovation embracing a new look while also becoming equipped with the latest technology and tools that can enhance a student’s educational needs.

Our facility now offers various forms of teaching via online classes taught by educated tutors in both a group or private setting, using various platforms such as skype, GroupMe, and  Our tutors are equipped to teach in a multitude of backgrounds ranging from subjects taught in elementary school to much more sophisticated topics covered in high school.  With the experience our current staff possesses, please feel free to reach out to Tutoring for Success to allow our experienced staff another opportunity to serve your child’s educational needs and provide the best possible support to ensure your child’s success in his or her academic career.

This year we have incorporated a special summer program to elevate your children’s education.  In addition to this program package, we are planning to have fun summer activities and field trip to educational places such as the Discovery Science Museum, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and Space-X. There is special incentive programs for early registration, summer registration and referrals incentives for parents and tutors and students. 

Please find the attached flyers below and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns; or even feel free to come visit our new facility to ask us any questions in person!



949-344-4894 or 714-688-6301

Tutoring for Success

Westminster, Ca