Test Preparation



The SAT and ACT are a big deal. Not only are they major parts of most college applications, but strong SAT and ACT scores can connect students to scholarship opportunities and affect access to college credit. With stakes so high, targeted preparation is essential for even the brightest student.  We believe strongly in individualized programs designed to provide test-taking strategies that reduce anxiety and improve recall At Tutoring for Success, we are not one-size-fits-all, classroom-style, proceed at a single pace, white-board style prep. Further, we are firm believers in targeting only those content areas in which students do not demonstrate mastery. After prep, students walk into the exam with the knowledge and confidence to achieve excellent results.


• Two hour sessions | 18 hours of Individualized Targeted Instruction | 4 1/2 weeks approximately
• 4 SAT Practice Tests 
• Concept Instruction & Problem Solutions to each question missed on a Practice Test 
• Customized & Individualized SAT PREP | Instruction targeted to problems you get wrong or guess on.
• Individualized Teaching | Review of Core Subject Concepts
 Subject Area Test & Type-Cast Question Strategies
• Interactive SMART BOARD for Viewing of Problems
 Enriched by Barron’s Workbooks – Proven Success on difficult SAT Test Problems 
 TEST PREP SYLLABUS | Proven tool to boost your test scores
– Syllabus Feedback: Students move 60 points up after completion of SUMMIT Test TEST PREPARATION
• Comprehensive diagnosis in each subject area & all practice tests throughout course. 
 Math | Barron’s PREP | Subject Concept & Review, Drills, & Strategies

• English & Reading | Barron’s PREP | Subject Concept & Review, Drills, & Strategies
• Engaged Students | Strong Student Participation & Rehearsal of all Strategies

SAT PREP classes focused on helping students with instruction differentiated by academic levels. Students come with different levels of experience and test pacing.. We consider your GPA, SAT & ACT Practice or Actual Test Score. Courses offered maximize effectiveness of SAT PREP, while accommodating those differences. 

Each class meets for a two-hour session, 2 times/week over a five week period. To ensure thorough and in-depth instruction,Tutoring for Success provides  teachers with guaranteed expertise in all subjects: English, Math, Reading, and Science.